An innovation-oriented company offering high performance products

Telenco networks excels in transforming ideas and needs into real genuine products. From design to the industrialization, the company fully controls the evolution and quality of all its telecom products exported worldwide. Telenco networks cares to manage its business by ensuring a responsible business environment. The company makes every effort to have a positive impact wherever it operates in the world.


Telenco networks introduces new Ultra-compact, Flexible and Resistant Aerial Cable: the LX030PU

Inspired by the most demanding and varied field issues, the LX030PU optical cable has been developed by Telenco networks' design engineers to combine performance with lightweight and flexibility. Thanks to its rigorously thought-out and tested constructio



By investing R&D we invest into the future


The company attaches a major importance to innovation. Ever since the beginning of Telenco networks’ activity the R&D team was the ace up the company’s sleeve. By empowering its engineers and designers to make the most out of their fine expertise in plastics processing, metalwork and mechanics, Telenco networks is able to bring solutions to the most complex field solutions. Our teams’ sharp skills are explored and developed in a collaborative way which often creates a favorable and conductive environment to innovation. For the matter, this was also the key to developing and keeping up to date throughout the years our comprehensive ranges of distribution and transition boxes for FTTH infrastructures, premium fibre drop cables and a datacom solutions for datacenters and computer centers.


More than a team of telecom experts, Telenco networks is a company that has proven its relevance on the market throughout more than two decades of activity. The company earned its reputation of global leading player in the telecommunications field by working relentlessly at the side of world’s major CPs. By closely collaborating with its customers and understanding their needs, Telenco networks develops innovative product solutions offering first-class performances.

An agile vision of the supply chain

At Telenco networks agility is a guiding principle. The company has a transposable vision of its assets. For instance, our workshops based in Europe are thought as modular solutions. This perspective enables us to engage sharp-witted actions to enhance the company’s competitivity whenever the market offers relevant opportunities. Besides its proven capacity to adapt to the evolutions and transformations of the market, Telenco networks cares to provide the utmost quality for its products and services. The company fully controls and masters its supply chain.