Without a great team, this would not have been possible. Our success story is the result of a mindset: one for all and all for Telenco!


Administrative & Financial Director

Telenco networks, from a French Alps SMB to a global telecommunications player

Telenco networks is a leading player on the telecommunications market. Subsidiary of Telenco Group (Telecommunications Engineering Company), founded in 1999 by three businessmen based in the French Alps, the company relies now on more than 160 employees performing worldwide.

Telenco Group in short

  • 300 employees
  • 16,250 m² storage area
  • 106M € turnover in 2019
  • 40% economic growth in 2019
  • Presence in over 50 countries

Customer-oriented solutions for tomorrow’s networks

Telenco networks is a company specialized in design, manufacture and marketing in France and abroad of future-proof solutions for fibre optic and copper telecom networks. The company has built its activity on an innovative pole hardware, anchoring and suspension offer for telecom overhead lines. Thanks to a strong experience acquired at the side of major CPs, Telenco networks develops durable solutions for every network configuration.

For aerial telecom lines, Telenco networks develops under the Telenco® brand comprehensive ranges of dead-ending and suspension devices, solutions for pole reinforcement and fittings for facade roll-outs. In this customer-oriented offer, Telenco networks also brings items for cable protection, as well as for fastening and banding applications of passive equipment on transport, distribution or last mile access networks. To provide for efficient answers to the constraints arisen by the FTTH deployments, Telenco networks offers connectivity solutions for ultrafast broadband networks from the poles top all the way to the subscriber’s premises.

Under the Eline® brand, the company offers an innovative range of distribution boxes for indoor drop cabling. A large selection of fibre optic drop cables for fast and efficient roll-outs is also at the disposal of our customers under the Droptic® brand.

Telenco networks benefits of an expert design office, ready to raise the most demanding challenges of our customers from all across the world.

Innovation is in the DNA of Telenco networks

Telenco networks’ success story relies both on its capacity to identify and anticipate customers’ needs and on the values enshrined in the DNA of the company. With a R&D team capitalizing more than 20 years of expertise in the telecommunications sector, Telenco networks provides for rugged telecom solutions, engineered to meet at best customers’ requirements. Our experts benefit of high-end laboratories allowing them to conduct in-house tests, guaranteeing thus optimal performances for the offered equipment.

Responsiveness, versatility and adaptability are the main qualities of our teams. Our entire staff is involved on a daily basis in a permanent quest for innovation, both for the marketed products and for the provided services. It is precisely thanks to this capacity to innovate that Telenco networks has managed to remain competitive on a market characterized by a constant evolution.

Telenco networks has asserted its role of key player in the telecommunications field by constantly extending its product ranges, as well as by offering comprehensive and durable solutions for the past 20 years.

Telenco networks, a consolidated presence around the world

Since its creation, Telenco networks has rapidly became known and renowned on the national and international markets. The company stood out from the crowd thanks to its comprehensive ranges of future-proof telecom solutions, engineered to adapt to all type of networks. To meet an ever growing demand one year only after its foundation, Telenco networks sets up a production unit in Porto (Portugal).

With the purpose of meeting precisely our customers’ needs, Telenco networks launches in 2016 the manufacture of drop cables under the Droptic® brand. These solutions are offered as comprehensive and versatile ranges, developed in our own fibre optic connectorisation units established in Moirans (French Alps) and Porto (Portugal).

The company pursued its expansion in 2017 by creating two other subsidiaries: Telenco Senegal at Dakar and Telenco LATAM in Mexico. A new company’s branch has opened its doors in December 2019, to consolidate our presence in West Africa: Telenco Ivory Coast.

Today, Telenco networks markets its offer and supports customers originated from more than 50 countries, spread across Europe, Africa, Middle East or Latin America. The company strengthens its growth by making future-oriented, strategical choices and focusing on new horizons such as smart cities, 5G, connected objects…