A comprehensive telecom offer for every network configuration

Telenco is the quality reference for the designing and manufacturing of passive network equipments for ultrafast broadband fibre optic or copper networks. As a reputed player on the French and international telecommunications markets, Telenco networks develops its business at the side of Telcos and their subcontractors. To help deploy reliable and future-proof FTTH infrastructures, the company provides suitable equipment for each and every network configuration.

Keeping a vigilant eye on the market’s needs, Telenco supports different telecom players in their projects by meeting their specifications and putting all its technical know-how at the service of a common succes.

By providing a comprehensive offer of telecom equipment, Telenco is a key partner for the deployment of tomorrow’s very high speed networks. The company offers 5 complementary solutions, designed by its teams to meet the most recurrent field challenges:

  1. How to choose the right pole line hardware for future-proof fibre network installations?
  2. Anchoring or suspension: which is the best solution for its network configuration?
  3. Local loop: which equipment to install at each FTTH infrastructure point?
  4. Selecting the right cable for your telecom network deployment
  5. Configuring its datacom network

Rugged solutions for developping tomorow’s telecom networks

Anticipating the evolutions of the market and seizing future technologies is the major challenge for manufacturers of passive equipment for next generation fibre networks. With a design and engineering office capitalising on over 20 years of telecom expertise, Telenco cares to provide high-end equipment for reliable and future-proof telecom installations. The company markets innovative solutions organised into 5 different families: pole line hardware, anchoring and suspension, last mile access, cables and datacom. Telenco’ offer is also based on its own brands : Telenco®, Eline® and Droptic®. Products commercialised by Telenco networks have been tested in different environments, similar with those of our customers originating from all across the world.

Which material for building high speed reliable fibre optic telecom networks?

Telenco’ catalogue covers the connectivity needs for the transport, distribution and last mile access network. From pole to subscriber’s premises, products developed and marketed by Telenco bring genuine solutions to the constraints of very high speed telecom infrastructures. Each product has been carefully designed to enable effective outdoor, indoor or outdoor-indoor transition installations. Solutions offered by Telenco ensure reliable connections in high or low density areas, for SDUs or MDUs. To support you in selecting the right equipment, we invite you to discover our full product ranges and to which field challenge they bring dependable solutions.


1. How to choose the right pole line hardware for future-proof fibre network installations?

Choosing network equipment is a crucial stage toward ensuring reliable next generation networks. Compliance with engineering rules as well as precise selection criteria are necessary to deal with the great amount of products available on the market.
Expert of overhead telecom infrastructures, Telenco supports customers in selecting their network material for time-effective telecom roll-outs. Three main criteria are to consider for choosing the most suitable equipment to each network configuration:

  • The type of network (power, telecom,…)
  • The nature of the pole to equip (alveolar concrete, wooden, steel,…)
  • The owner of the pole (CPs, Utility provider,…)

Based on all these elements, as well as on their associated engineering rules, Telenco offers comprehensive ranges of rugged pole line fittings and pole reinforcement solutions. Certain products have been developed to provide for modularity and versatility.

Telenco® cross-arms with 11 or 13 holes (5/14, respectively 5/15) are used for the parallel roll-out of overhead lines both on utility and telecommunications networks. Each Telenco® cross-arm model is developed as a compatible solution with two type of posts: cross-arms 5/07 and 5/15 install on wooden or steel poles, while 5/14, 5/19 and 5/19R cross-arms mount on wooden or concrete supports. To bring solutions for wooden, steel and composite poles, while also providing for a solution to overloaded aerial telecom , Telenco offers tubular extension brackets REFO2 and REFO3. On these pole hardware, different cross-arms can be mounted so to roll-out overhead lines, create new departure lines or cable dead-ending applications.

Telenco also offers fastening and banding accessories such as Telenco® pole bands for safe handling operations. To select your network equipment, discover our entire pole line hardware offer.


2. Anchoring or suspension: which is the best solution?

To meet the needs of every network configuration, Telenco provides a comprehensive range of anchoring and suspension devices. The choice between the two models can be a complex task. Here are some helping guidelines:

  • Anchoring devices are to be installed on transport and distribution networks
  • Suspension is to be used on intermediate poles

Once that you have determined the type of device that you search for, other selecting criteria need to be considered such as:

  • The technology used for building telecom : fibre optic or copper
  • The type of cable used for the dead-ending or suspension: ADSS, flat, figure-8,…
  • The span of your network configuration

All these elements, as well as the support on which the device will be monted (open or closed eye fittings) should allow you to identify the right product for your needs. Telenco studies all specific cases encountered on field to develop its comprehensive ranges of anchoring and suspension devices. Among all our catalogue for FTTx networks and copper lines, discover Telenco® ACADSS anchor clamps designed for the dead-ending of round optical cables or the Telenco® AC560 Drop clamp with enveloping wedges engineered as an effective solution to FTTH configurations. Our products’ features and design have been carefully developed to provide for both reliable telecom networks and fast roll-outs. Discover all our FTTH cable clamps, suspension devices and helical dead-ends for building ultrafast broadband networks.


3. Local loop: which equipment to install at each FTTH infrastructure point?

Expert in FTTH infrastructures, Telenco develops under the Eline® brand a comprehensive range of fibre optic access network cabling solutions. Designed to optimise CAPEX by increasing network performance and reducing at most cost and installation times, Eline® optical closures are compatible with high or low density area installations and with both SDUs or MDUs configurations. Telenco also offers drop cables under its own brand, Droptic®. Depending on your network configuration, here is the material adapted to most commonly met cases:

Low density area, SDU, overhead roll-out

From an optical distribution point (PBO G) mounted on a pole, the single dwelling unit (SDU) can be reached with a Droptic® LX030PU via a transition box. This last one protects the splice realised between the outdoor LX030PU cable and the Droptic® LM1L indoor subscriber cable, as well as its potential overlength. The LM1L is directly connected to the Eline® PTO (OTO). To reduce material and optimise installation time, an alternative is to use a double sheath drop cable such as Droptic® LM4. At the transition point, its outer sheath will be rapidly stripped off so to enable the installation of the indoor drop cable LM1L alongside baseboards or door frames up to the Eline® optical telecommunications outlet.

Low density area, SDU, underground roll-out

This is the ideal case for fibre optic deployment as the infrastructure is already in place. Optical distribution point is located in a manhole and connected to a residential communication gateway, mounted inside the SDU, via a pre-terminated Droptic® LM4 drop cable. The ONT is then connected to an Eline® OTO.

Low density area, MDU

In residential neighbourhoods with buildings having a couple of floors or in typical downtown small and contiguous buildings, when an optical distribution point is available on a pole, a PBO T2 can be mounted so to enable the connection of the first 6 dwellings and the pass-through of a secondary network route. Downside the street, by using the secondary network route, another PBO T1 can be mounted on a facade to connect the next 6 dwellings and so on. Out of the PBO, a Droptic® LM2 drop cablecan be ran inside the house so to bring optical signal to the OTO, while other LX030PU drop cables can be rolled out in overhead configurations to reach the other dwellings.

High density area, MDU

To bring fibre to subscriber premises in buidings with a couple of floors, Telenco provides Eline® PMI Building Entry Points enabling the splicing, splitting and patch cording of up to 72 fibre optics. These stackable boxes can receive configurations of greater capacities. They are also the starting point for the Eline® riser cable bringing optical signal at each floor’s level. Eline® PBI Floor Distribution boxes are mounted at every level. Inside the PBI box fibre is extracted from tube and spliced before routing towards the subscriber’s OTO via a pre-terminated Droptic® LM1L drop cable.

For other network configurations, discover Telenco’ full offer of product solutions for building future-proof FTTH last mile access networks.


4. Selecting the right cable for your telecom network deployment

To ensure highly reliable ultrafast broadband networks and also fast installations, Telenco offers its own range of drop cables: Droptic®. Designed to meet all the installation needs, Droptic® offer is organised around three main applications: outdoor, indoor and outdoor-indoor cables. To know which cable is the most suitable to your specific network configuration, here are some reference points:

Outdoor applications:

  • In low density areas, for overhead or underground layouts, discover the Droptic® LX030PU. Ruggedly built, this cable can be deployed on medium spans (up to 70 meters) and is compatible with Field Mountable Connectors.
  • To connect SDUs or MDUs in high density areas, Droptic® LM2 and LM8 are a better choice. Offering the same optical performances, yet an alternative engineering design, these drop cables provide for modular solutions: compatible with both outdoor applications (facade, duct) and indoor installations (conduit, wall fixing by pulling, gluing or stapling techniques).

Indoor applications:

  • Thanks to its optimised diameter (Ø 2.8 mm) and its flexible construction, the Droptic® LM1L optical subscriber cable can be simply ran, stapled or glued alongside baseboards, door or window frames. Discreet, the LM1L hauls optical signal almost invisibly into the room where OTO is installed. For installation into riser tubing or already occupied tubing, look for the Droptic® LM1.

Outdoor-indoor applications:

  • Telenco develops qualitative solutions for enabling fast and effective FTTH roll-outs. For outdoor-indoor transitions with zero splicing and thus, avoiding the risk of straining optical budget, discover the Droptic® LM4 drop cable. With a double sheath construction, the LM4 allows telecom technicians to rapidely stip off its HDPE outer sheath so to access the LM1L flame retardant indoor drop cable.


5. Configuring its datacom network

Telenco provides a global datacom offer meeting the connectivity needs from Meet-Me-Rooms to customer’s racks. The company supports business centers and datacenters by providing them with quality material for low, medium or high patching applications. Datacom solutions offered by Telenco are characterised by their intuitive design and easy installation. Among our offer, discover:

  • 1U 19" ready-to-use sliding patch panels: especially designed for applications on optical networks, our patch panels are equipped with optical adaptors and pigtails, splice trays and accessories for time-effective installations. Our patch panels for trunks are available with G.652D and G.657A2 fibres and for capacities from 6 to 48FO.
  • High density trunks: For high density patching applications, Telenco networks designs and manufactures 100% configurable trunks. Developed with first choice materials, these trunks are suitable to all type of network configuration: the fibre type and count, the fan-out length and type of connectors, as well as staggered connectors – we consider it all for providing you with the most suitable equipment for building reliable datacom networks.