Cross-arm steel plate with 8 holes CT8

Cross-arm steel plate CT8 

The CT8 cross-arm steel plate is a galvanized steel hardware enabling to fix up to 8 distribution or drop lines on wooden or metal utility poles. Its unique design has been engineered in order to offer an universal solution able to adapt to all type of fixing configurations: 

  • Terminating aerial cables (up to 8 overhead lines) 
  • Double anchoring (up to 6 overhead lines) 
  • Cable suspension (up to 4 overhead lines) 
  • Drop cabling (up to 16 drops) 
  • Direct mounting of small drop boxes 
  • Mounting of 2 brackets 2/12 for optical boxes
  • Mounting of 2 angle cross-arm brackets 5/39 for suspension clamp 30/34 
  • Mounting of 2 drop anchoring plates FE 
  • Pulley hanging for cable rollout

The cross-arm steel plate with 8 holes CT8 fixes on wooden or metal poles with 2 pole bands 20x0.7mm (SB207) and on wooden drilled poles with 1 bolt 1/16 and 1 lag bolt 1/22 or 1/21.