J hook cable clamp JHC

Suspension clamp for overhead lines 

Compact J hook clamps JHC enable the suspension of aerial fiber optic round cables with ADSS structure, Ø 5 to 17mm, deployed on distribution networks with spans up to 70m. JHC suspension clamps can be installed directly on the pole with pole band 20mm or a pole head bolt 1/06. These clamps can also be installed on a pigtail hook bolt BQC Ø 12 / 14 / 16mm, on a suspension bracket with hook bolt CS + BQC 12 x 50mm or above the curved plate and the pole head bolt's nut with a simple nut HM14 type. 

The JHC are designed with a deported galvanized steel body and an elastomer protective sleeve. Clamp fixes with a bolt tightening system.