Eline® Riser cable

Optical riser cable 

The Eline® riser cable has been especially designed for the vertical distribution inside buildings. It can also be laid in cable trays or pulled into ducts. 

This indoor fiber optic distribution cable is designed with a white, LSZH-FR outer sheath. It presents a longitudinal mark indicating the position of the FRP strengths.
Thanks to its wide inner diameter and a non-stranded micro-bundle construction, the Eline® riser cable enables an easy access to the optical fiber through a simple slit into its outer sheath. The fiber extracted from a micro-bundle is then used to enable a connection through splicing with a drop cable, inside a Floor Distribution Box.

The Eline® riser cable is available in a complete range including various cable capacities and up to 144 fibers per cable. Modular construction from 2 to 144 fiber counts, depending on the number of premises to connect per floor and of the architecture of the cabling system.