Fibre optic splice protection box PBO G

Fiber distribution box PBO G with adaptors and splitters 

Telenco® PBO G is an outdoor optical splice protection enclosure designed for FTTH networks. Thanks to its modular design, this distribution box enables the stitching, pass-through and the termination of a distribution cable with maximum Ø 9mm. Equipped with a splitter 1x8 SC/APC and with 8 adaptors SC/APC to directly connect pre-terminated optical subscriber cables with maximum Ø 4mm. This box is designed with a cable storage area enabling the management of fibres to connect or pending modules to be connected or to be further transported. The 250µm fibre is stored and secured so to avoid all damage risks during connecting subscribers' interventions. Thanks to its ingress protection (IP67), the PBO G installs on poles (pole band fastening), on facade or in manhole (screw mount).