Eline® OTB - Optical Transition Box

Optical transition box for drop cables

With a capacity of up to 4 FO, the Eline® BTO enables a transition between the fibres of an outdoor drop cable and an indoor subscriber cable. It can also be used as a repair box between two drop cables or for extension.

Compact and resistant, this enclosure has been designed to ensure a long-lasting and discreet installation, with waterproofing and impact resistance features that enable an easy installation on a facade or pole.


  • On telecom poles with a 10 mm wide ple band and a banding tool
  • On façade with the included wall mounting kit (screws + wall plugs) or with 2 pieces of double-sided adhesive tape (not supplied)

For wall installation, thanks to the cable access point at the back of the box the point of entry into the housing is invisible from the front side, which makes the transition from outdoor to indoor connection more aesthetic.