Suspension clamp for figure-8 cables

Suspension for figure-8 cables 

Suspension clamps included within the SC family enable the suspension of optical or coax figure-8 cables with steel or dielectric (FRP) messenger, laid on distribution networks with aligned or angles < 15° configurations. 
For spans greater than 90° and wider angles, it is recommended to install a double anchoring. 

​​​​​​​The SC39B suspension clamp can be directly mounted on pole with a pole bracket 30/41 or 30/41C, a bolt 1/13 and a pole band 20mm. Alternately, it can be mounted on a cross-arm with a angle cross-arm bracket 5/39 and a bolt 1/13. 
Suspension clamps SC37C and SC711C are to be mounted with a pigtail hook bolt Ø 12/14/16mm or on a suspension plate CS with pigtail hook bolt BQC 12 x 50mm.