DROPTIC® LM8 Indoor/outdoor & duct drop cable

Multi-purpose drop cable

The DROPTIC® LM8 cable is a versatile fibre optic drop solution. Ruggedly engineered, the LM8 enables multiple applications within FTTH infrastructures, from terminal optical points to subscriber premises. This drop cable suits for outdoor or indoor installations, creating thus the infrastructure to bring fibre optic inside Single Dwelling Units (SDUs) or Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs).
Thanks to its complete sealing construction, the DROPTIC® LM8 cable can also be laid into ducts, on short distances up to 50m. For indoor installation, the LM8 drop is compatible with all type of cable running techniques: by pulling, gluing or stapling. 

The LM8 is built with 2 FRP rods, offering thus an improved temperature resistance. LM8 presents the same mechanical performances as the LM2 drop, but a design consising of two fibre strands in two different tubes. This enables safer handling operations as each fibre strand is managed separetely. Fully compliant with the European Construction Products Regulation.