DROPTIC® LM2 Indoor/outdoor & duct drop cable

Multi-application drop cable

DROPTIC® LM2 drop is a modular cable solution. Rugeddly engineered, this optical drop has been designed to meet various FTTH installation needs: it enables facade, duct, outside plant or indoor fibre roll-outs.  All-dielectric LM2 drop cable suits both for the connection of SDUs and MDUs. 
Built with a complete longitudinal sealing, the DROPTIC® LM2 fiber optic cables can be installed into ducts on short distances (up to 50m). Inside premises, this optical drop can be installed by using all type of techniques: cable pulling, gluing or stapling. 
Reinforced with 2 FRP rods, the LM2 offers increased temperature performances. This drop cable offers the same mechanical performances as the LM8, only it is built with a single tube for 1, 2 or 4 fibre counts. Fully compliant with the European Construction Products Regulation.