Additional equipment to outperform on your work sites

Discover a wide range of field engineer's equipment to help you prepare for a demanding call-out. Whether you need to meet technical requirements or safety standards, we have the right products to support you in realizing each of your projects in the best possible conditions.

Safety and PPE: preparing your teams for the field

Telenco offers many ways to ensure the safety of your teams in the field. There are two key elements to safety: the visibility of work sites in order to avoid accidents, and personal protective equipment, or PPE, to protect workers.

In order to ensure the visibility of your worksites, in particular during road works, you will find in our catalogue a selection of Class 1 and 2 worksite markings and temporary road signs. Installed before works are due to start, they announce the presence of field engineers to motorists, encouraging them to slow down and be more vigilant. Telenco also offers a selection of high visibility clothing adapted to the season: top or bottom, warm, light or waterproof. Many fluorescent garments with retroreflective stripes are available to make yourself quickly noticeable.

Keep your teams safe by adapting the equipment provided to the type of call-out. The head, hands and feet are sensitive parts that are often exposed to risks in the field. They need to be protected effectively with the right equipment.
Different types of protective gloves are available depending on the use: very resistant handling gloves for pulling cables; insulated gloves to secure work under voltage; anti-cutting gloves against mechanical risks; hygiene gloves against chemical risks; high-tech gloves combining flexibility, dexterity and protection against mechanical risks.
Safety helmets are essential in the field to prevent head injuries. They are the perfect complement to a protective visor or safety glasses. They can also be fitted with hearing protection that attaches directly to the helmet, or be used with earplugs to protect the hearing of field engineers.

Telenco has developed a wide range of fall protection products to ensure the safety of your teams when working at height. Safety harnesses, lanyards, energy absorbers, carabiners, connectors, ... All the essential items for the safe deployment of aerial networks are available on our site. Don't hesitate to equip yourself with a fall prevention system for tools, which is essential for securing your equipment.

Tools: the key to efficiency

Our tooling category contains a wide range of equipment that is essential to the successful completion of various jobs. Having the right tool can save a lot of time, while the opposite can simply block a call-out.

Hand tools are among the most common tools. A selection of different pliers will allow you to obtain the right tool you need: cutting pliers, multi-socket pliers, half-round strippers, … You can also choose from the different screwdriver models available (flat, Phillips, Torx, Pozodriv, precision). As for pliers and screwdrivers, we also offer several types of spanners: open-end, adjustable, pipe and combination. Other tools are available in our catalogue to complete your toolbox, such as cutting tools and screwdriver bits. If you are working under voltage, you can go directly to our selection of insulated tools. We also offer specific tools for telecom networks and their installation. You will find cable opening tools for the fibre network, crimping pliers for copper networks, as well as cable strippers for the deployment of aerial networks.
Don't hesitate to get a bag or a tool case to carry all your equipment easily. Telenco offers compound cases: they contain all the tools you need to work on fibre optic or copper networks. They represent a quick and economical solution to equip your field engineers, especially newcomers.

Telenco also proposes a selection of professional quality power tools that will save you a lot of time on your manual tasks. In order to guarantee you the best equipment, Telenco has chosen to buy from Bosch and Milwaukee, industry–leading recognised brands that have already proven their worth throughout the world. Power drills/drivers, grinders and jigsaws: there are several models to suit different budgets and uses.

Ladders or portable working platforms are also often used to access elements placed at height. Telenco offers different models: 2-sided, 3-sided, convertible or telescopic. To do so, Telenco has teamed up with AUDINNOV, an expert in safe working at height. AUDINNOV designs premium ladders and portable working platforms that comply with current standards for climbing on poles without coming into contact with them.

Pulling and rodding for effective underground deployments

Telenco offers wide ranges of products for underground networks: tools for manhole opening, duct rods and accessories.
To access manholes, Telenco provides field engineers with manhole cover lifting hooks, manual manhole lid hammers or magnetic manhole cover lifters. Installing a workgate barrier allows to secure the manhole access while a motor pump is used to drain the water in case of flooding. Do not hesitate to place a manhole border cable roller at the edge of the manhole to facilitate the pulling and to avoid all damage caused to friction.

Telenco offers various duct rods that are essential for your rollouts, such as the Safe Ted Equipment® duct rod with a self-locking deployment system based on an automatic break or the Allroad TED Equipment® duct rod that can be easily moved around on all types of work sites. The Cable Twist and Cable Blitz micro-duct rods are specifically designed for subscriber pulling applications thanks to their flexibility, enabling the pass-through winding paths. You will also find accessories that will allow you to use them in a more effective way: guiding head kits, pin-hammering repair kits, new heads, repair kits, refills… In addition, other accessories make pulling easier and allow you to adapt to each situation, such as: duct projectiles, central line blowing guns and duct sealers, as well as pulling lines and lubricants, used to make the passing of the duct rod easier.

TED EQUIPEMENT®: a brand developed by Telenco with and for telecom field engineers

Under the TED Equipement® brand name, Telenco offers its own products in order to provide quality equipment at an affordable price. Developed by our trade experts, our equipment is designed to combine technicity, efficiency and durability. The optical fiber identifier and the visual fault locator are indispensable for the maintenance of fibre networks. Also, discover our range of TED Equipement® hand tools mainly composed of pliers, spanners and screwdrivers. TED Equipement® consumables make everyday life easier with fasteners, cleaning wipes and split corrugated tubing that are regularly used and appreciated in the field.

But the TED Equipment® brand stands out particularly for its innovative products. They are developed with and for field technicians thanks to their precious feedback. It is thanks to this collaboration that our duct rods and micro-duct rods, our various worksite tents and the guardrail tray came into being. These were designed to meet the field challenges and make the callouts of field engineers easier in and around telecom manholes.

Consumables: a complement to your equipment

Having the right consumables always at hand is essential for the smooth running of a job. For example, split corrugated tubings are must-have on current work sites. They allow network and electrical cables to be protected. Split corrugated tubings and warning grids allow the network to be identified thanks to their availability in different colours.

For identification purposes, Telenco offers everything you need to mark your cables with a wide range of clip-on wire and oval markers. To assist you in marking and tagging applications, we offer a selection of BRADY label printers with their associated consumables, but also manual marking tools. Telenco also offers the products you need to fix cables: staples, round or oval wall plugs, polyamid cable ties or SERFLEX clamp collars.

Test and Measurement: for future-proof and quality networks

Our fibre optic measurement offer allows to check the condition of the optical network in its entirety. Single mode optical test kits are used to verify the continuity of the fibre link and measure the insertion loss. Reflectometry is an essential measurement on optical networks and allows the strength of return reflections in the optical fibre to be calculated, and therefore the quality of the fibre installed to be known without putting it into service. It is carried out using a reflectometer (or OTDR: Optical Time Domain Reflectometer).