VIAVI & Telenco Group: a sustainable partnership that makes it worth one’s while

Published on Thursday, November 28, 2019

For the last several years, Telenco Group has been distributing on telecom markets test and measurement devices from VIAVI, a worldwide reputed player for its sharp know-how in optical technologies. The partnership between Telenco and VIAVI has been established on common values. Telenco’s constant quest for optimising customer solutions is the first and above all objective of this sustainable agreement.

Telenco networks in partnership with VIAVI for providing an innovative complete offer for developing FTTH networks

If in 2015 the Group has already been declared an "Elite" partner of VIAVI, Telenco stands out from the crowd once again and receives today the Pinnacle Awards 2018. This award rewards every year the most comitted distributor to promoting VIAVI’s values.

Due to the plurality of our activities, Telenco Group’s entities have known many commercial successes to VIAVI products as they were able to provide a global support to their customers by offering complementary services such as trainibg, technical assistance, overhaul or repair.

Telenco's telecom experts are crisscrossing France at the wheel of a VIAVI van to meet their customers

In 2018, Telenco distribution’s sales force has travelled across France at the wheel of the VIAVI van to showcase customers the brand’s most innovative solutions in terms of fibre optic test and measurement.

Telenco's teams put forward the VIAVI test solutions during trade shows to complete it's own innovative FTTH offer

Telenco has also seized the occasion to highlight its partnership with VIAVI during numerous events. The best example to illustrate this collaboration is our co-participation at Data Centre World in Paris. However, the brand has also been in the spotlight during more confidential events such as INFRANUM conferences, as for example the one organised at the University of Very High Speed in Laval. Last but not least, SMART events organised by Telenco Group’s experts have been an opportunity to provide many of our customers with advice and VIAVI product demonstrations.

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