Telenco networks in Mexico! TELENCO LATAM

Published on Thursday, November 28, 2019

Telenco opens an office in Mexico to support its Latin Americain customers in their FTTH rollout projects

Last March, Telenco networks opened a new office in Mexico to increase its footprint in South America. Since FTTH and fiber optic networks are rapidly growing on that continent, Telenco networks decided to be closer to those markets and customers.

Telenco networks already has a reputation in this part of the world thanks to a wide retailers’ network. However, Telenco networks wishes to increase its presence and bring an even stronger support and reactivity to its customers, thus increasing its activity in South America. In order to reach that new objective, Telenco networks will keep on adapting its product offering to the market’s specific requirements.

Over time, a permanent Telenco warehouse will be set, as well as a production and assembly facility of specific components dedicated to South-American markets. Meanwhile, our sales team is already available for our South-American customers. Telenco networks’ representatives in South-America.