Telenco networks cares for the health of its teams and partners

Published on Thursday, June 4, 2020

Telenco networks cares for the health of its teams and partners

The ongoing global health crisis has given us a full understanding of the impact that telecommunications networks and particularly FTTH infrastructures have on our lives. Business continuity, online education and medical consultations or the possibility of consuming entertainment – all of these were possible thanks to priorly deployed reliable telecommunication networks.

However, in this unprecedented situation that the Covid-19 pandemic has put us through, we cannot but observe the divide between territories, despite the progress made during these last years. The European Commission's objective of turning Europe into a Gigabit Society by 2025 is taking on its full meaning today. The British Government has also set a target out of connecting 15 million premises to full fibre by 2025 and ensuring a national coverage by 2033. However, this craze for switching to fibre is not an European phenomenon. Throughout the world, in South America, in Africa or throughout the French overseas territories, the roll-out of next-generation telecommunications networks seems the obvious step to make so to face the emergence of a 100% connected society.

Driven by the ambition to support these major projects and to keep on developing tomorrow's networks at the side of leading telecom operators, Telenco networks has been ensuring the continuity of its activity throughout this pandemic period. To do so, the company implemented concrete measures in order to guarantee both the health of its teams and the health of its partners and customers.
To adapt to this new context and to be able to get through this health crisis together, Telenco networks implemented the following prevention measures:

Telenco networks' teams continue to ensure the dispatch of your orders while also implementing and adopting barrier gestures

For our teams

1. Telenco Group wanted to make sure that the Covid-19 is absent in its premises. A bacteriological and virological study was carried out to this end in May 2020. Its result, proving the absence of Covid-19, reinforced the company’s decision of ensuring the continuity of service.

2. Implementation of teleworking for administrative teams.

3. Nous avons decidé de reporter les rencontres physiques avec nos clients et de privilégier les rendez-vous en visioconférence.

4. Systematic temperature check for employees on-site at their arrival, distribution of surgical masks, latex gloves and hydroalcoholic gel.

5. Edition and distribution of a practical guide, listing all the barrier gestures, to all our employees. Psychological support is also offered to our staff, on a voluntary and anonymous basis.

For our partners

1. To ensure the delivery of the ordered equipment under the best possible conditions, our teams and carriers have scheduled appointments with our partners.

2. Our carriers have committed to strictly respect barrier gestures during deliveries.

3.We have decided to postpone our customer appointments in order to limit physical contacts. However, our teams remain available for our customers via videoconferences.

4. 4Keeping always in mind to limit contact and avoid thus the virus spread, we have decided to limit travel as much as possible and to postpone until further notice any travel in risk areas.

5. All our teams work on a daily basis to continue to design, manufacture and ship quality telecom equipment especially engineered to meet your network configuration needs.

We would like to kindly thank you for your understanding and for all your efforts during this unprecedented period ! The entire Telenco networks team looks forward to meeting you at the end of this pandemic and to keep on developing tomorrow’s networks by your side.