Telenco networks sets up subsidiaries in UK and Germany

Published on Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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Telenco networks strengthens its presence in Europe in the first quarter of 2020 by opening two subsidiaries. The company ensures from now on a constant presence and a local expert support in the UK and Germany.

Telenco networks continues its growth in 2020. To develop the ultrafast broadband networks of tomorrow at the side of its customers from across the Channel and the Rhine, the company has set up two new subsidiaries : one in London and the other one in Franckfurt.

Committed from the very begining to establishing close relations with its partners and to showing responsiveness to their needs, it was only natural that Telenco networks decided to settle its experts in those two countries. Indeed, both the United Kingdom and Germany are experiencing a strong craze for the development of very high-speed networks.

As an expert in telecom infrastructures, Telenco networks is in position to adapt  its offer to the particularity of those two markets and to provide network equipment engineered to raise with scientific accuracy the field challenges. Moreover, the company’s on-site telecom experts have in-depth knowledge of the local telecom sector and all the necessary skills to support any network development project.

Telenco networks in London for an even closer cooperation    

Telenco has been supporting customers in the UK for almost 20 years now. With the Government plan to deploy full-fibre broadband across the UK, it then became an evidence for Telenco to strengthen its presence in this key market in Europe by creating a subsidiary locally. The aim for Telenco UK will be to follow its historical customers even more closely but also to support all the new broadband providers who are contributing to this ambitious plan!”

Clément Lesur, Head of the Telenco networks subsidiary in the United Kingdom.             

As a direct result of Telenco networks’ fruitful cooperation with telecom operators across the Channel, the company’s offer already includes numerous network hardware solutions especially developed for this market. The new London office will empower Telenco networks to better identify equipment needs and thus enable telecom operators to develop ultra-fast, future-proof networks.

Furthermore, by joining the Independent Networks Co-operative Association (INCA) UK in 2019 and the French Chamber of Commerce of Great Britain at the beginning of this year, Telenco networks is relying on local expert networks. This enables the company not only to deepen the specific issues of this territory but also to act as a committed player in the co-construction of new generation networks in the United Kingdom.

A Telenco networks subsidiary in Frankfurt to support the 2025 objective

Just like the UK, Germany has also set itself the goal of building a Gigabit society:

Germany has decided to develop its fibre optic network as part of the "Digital Strategy 2025", which will require the implementation of specific solutions. Telenco's 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of passive equipment for telecommunications networks - a significant part of it being the export - makes it a privileged partner to take up this challenge under the best conditions.

Etienne Pinchon, Head of the Telenco networks subsidiary in Frankfurt.             

Indeed, as a designer, manufacturer and approved exporter of future-proof telecom solutions, Telenco networks is qualified to provide all the necessary network equipment for developing ultra-fast networks, from telecom poles and up the subscriber’s premises.

Moreover, with a particularly innovative and experienced R&D department, Telenco networks aims to meet with responsiveness the specific needs of the German telecom market. This new subsidiary will thus enable the company to establish close and long-term partnerships with local telecom providers.