Telenco networks speeds up its production capacity with a new site in Portugal

Published on Thursday, December 17, 2020

Telenco networks has established in Portugal at the end of 2012. The company started its mechanical workshop in January 2013. To sustain the development of its activity in Portugal and adapt its production capacities to the increasing needs for network equipment at a worldwide scale, Telenco networks relocates its three production units into one big building in the second half of 2020.

A production unit to match with the global growing market

By putting as always customer satisfaction at the core of its activity, Telenco networks wants to support the increasing demand for FTTH infrastructure equipment by carrying out concrete actions. Thus, the summer of 2020 brought considerable strides for Telenco networks. The company has relocated its 3 Portuguese buildings into a single premises of 8,500m². More spacious and functional than the previous ones, this new production site is located at Lavra, at the north of Porto.

It allows Telenco networks to further structure its production activity developed in Portugal. Thanks to this relocation, all local employees are now sharing a single premises. This contributes to creating more synergies between the divisions and makes out of the performance of each team a collective strength.

« We had to reconsider work spaces, reorganise teams. But the big challenge is still ahead of us: our ambition is to make from this production facility also a logistics center. By readjusting the operating methods and validating product quality locally, the Lavra site will allow us to be more responsive to our customers», explains Louis Capecchi, Operations Development Manager.

The mechanical workshop includes different job activities such as the assembly of anchor/drop clamps or the pole band preparation and packaging. In order to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of quality, this workshop is ruled by the same industrial methods as the production unit established in France.

The optical workshop is equipped with 6 connectorising lines and registers a strong activity growth. Here, our workers preterminate, for example, the fiber optic cables included in our OTO kits with quality connectors and ensure that the products to be delivered are ready-for-use and offer the best possible optical performances.

Telenco networks’ newest activity, the cable manufacture records even a stronger growth: 5 additional cable extrusion lines will be put into service in 2021.

A new stage for the activity in Portugal

Merging all teams and production and logistics assets under one single roof empowers the company not only to benefit from a more spacious and functional working environment, but also to streamline the industrial process by optimising ressources and operating methods.

« All employees are very happy with this change. This is a new step for Telenco networks' activity in Portugal. It is very exciting to see the company evolve so much in such a short period of time », says Manuel Moutinho, Mechanical Operations Manager and also the first employee of Telenco networks in Portugal.