Telenco networks – manufacturer and provider of a global offer of FTTH solutions

Published on Thursday, November 12, 2020

Long reputed on the international market for its robust solutions for dead-ending and suspension of overhead lines, Telenco networks is today the designer and manufacturer of a global offer of connectivity solutions for FTTH networks. The company provides all the passive network equipment required to enable subscriber connections, from the top of the pole to the optical telecommunications outlet.

Driven by its expertise as a manufacturer of anchor, suspension and drop clamps, Telenco networks pursues the developing of new product ranges. Thus, for the design of its new Optical Distribution Points, the PBO Eline® Outdoor, the engineers of Telenco networks have integrated a patented cable entry device, inspired by the conical clamping system used for the design of Telenco® clamps.

The company is introducing its new Optical Distribution Point: the PBO Eline® Outdoor for splicing applications. This solution for outdoor optical distribution is the result of in-depth reflections on the subject of securing installations. Its unique design cuts out the risk of network failures due to mishandling. The splicing version of this ODP is equipped with an independent and ergonomic fibre storage device. Available in two sizes and two different versions, the Optical Distribution Point PBO Eline® Outdoor offers flexibility of use and implementation, as well as improved ergonomics. This optical distribution box is in line with all the other FTTH solutions developed by Telenco networks: reliable, quick and easy to install and to use.

FTTH connectivity solutions for all type of network configuration

Telenco networks endeavours to respond as close as possible to the issues of its customers and thus to provide them with FTTH connectivity solutions adapted to all network configurations. In the company’s catalogue you will find both cable fastening solutions for overhead lines (pole line hardware, dead-ending, suspension and drop clamps) and comprehensive ranges of optical closures and enclosures (distribution points, wall mount transition boxes, optical telecommunications outlets, etc.) and fibre optic cables for outdoor and indoor applications. These solutions for enabling access to ultrafast broadband networks are available in several versions, to adapt to all on-site practises. For instance, just like the Eline® optical telecommunications outlets or all the other boxes and closures developed under the same brand, the Optical Distribution Point PBO Eline® Outdoor is available in a preconnectorised version and in a model for splicing applications. Likewise, the optical cables developed by Telenco networks and marketed under the Droptic® brand can be delivered with factory mounted connectors. 

More than extending its offer, Telenco networks ensures the continuous development of its product ranges. This continuous improvement process empowers us to offer network equipment that is appropriate both for a given network architecture and for specific climatic and geographical conditions.

Optical Distribution Point Eline® Outdoor available in two different sizes and two distinct versions for the connection of 6 and 12 subscribers

Telenco networks relies on an expert design office that develops for more than 20 years connectivity systems meeting the customer's needs and the challenges associated with the installation environement

A proven telecom offer enlarged by customer demand

The products included in the Telenco networks’ catalogue are the result of more than two decades of consultation and partnership with telecom players around the world. Each range is declined in as many models as necessary to meet the field needs. For the development of its connectivity solutions, the company relies on expert teams in complementary and strategic fields: optics, design, plastics, metallurgy, mechanics and many others. Thanks to its telecom design office, Telenco networks is qualified to design new telecom products according to determined specifications so to better adapt technological solutions to all constraints observed (mechanical, climatic, etc.). The company manufactures and assembles all the provided solutions in its own production units, based in Europe (France and Portugal).