Telenco networks joins INCA to build NGA networks in uk

Published on Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Telenco networks commits to developping reliable and future-proof FTTH networks throught the United Kingdom and becomes member of INCA UK

TELENCO NETWORKS is proud to be the new member of INCA UK. By joining INCA - Independent Networks Cooperative Association, the company states its will to take part in the deployment of new generation access networks in United Kingdom.

INCA reunites various telecom players around one major aim : promoting economic and social advancements by building independent and interconnected telecom networks. Thus, network owners, operators, managers, public or private organizations, as well as telecom equipment suppliers cooperate within INCA to develop future telecom networks. The association also promotes values that are dear to TELENCO NETWORKS : innovation, diversity and open competition for the rollout of next generation networks.

By adhering to INCA, TELENCO NETWORKS commits to co-building tomorrow’s networks in UK. Driven by the expertise of its teams, the company provides a comprehensive offering for FTTH access networks rollout, from pole line hardware to end-user equipment. Solutions designed and developed by TELENCO NETWORKS meet the requirements of PIA (Physical Infrastructure Access). Our ranges of premium product solutions such as DROPTIC® for drop cables or ELINE® for FTTH access boxes enhance TELENCO NETWORKS’ historical offer of anchoring and suspension solutions for aerial telecom lines. With a sharp knowledge of the UK market, our telecom experts are heretofore ready to raise the challenges of new generation access networks rollout in UK.