Telenco joins Europacable, the federation of European cable manufacturers

Published on Wednesday, December 14, 2022

On May 19th, during its general assembly, Europacable, the European federation of cable manufacturers in Europe, officially admitted the Telenco Group to its ranks. As a designer and manufacturer of drop cables for FTTH networks, with a production capacity in Portugal of more than 150,000 kilometres of cable, Telenco is proud to join Europacable and to contribute to the development of our profession on a European scale.

Telenco rejoint Europacable, la fédération des câbliers européens

Telenco, member of the Telecom Infrastructure Commission

The Europacable federation is made up of committees corresponding to different sectors of activity, including copper and optical communications cables. Telenco is therefore present on the Board of the Telecom Infrastructure Commission and sits on the various technical committees, which work in particular on the communication of technical criteria for products as well as on the standardisation of cables, enabling reliable and sustainable FTTH installations. Since 2016, Telenco designs and manufactures its own connection cables in its production unit in Portugal. The Group's expertise allows us to participate technically and to actively contribute to the quality, reliability and sustainability of the products, which are Europacable's current major challenges.

Produire de manière pérenne et responsable : les enjeux d’Europacable

Europacable brings together the main European manufacturers of electrical and telecommunications cables, as well as SMEs with proven technical expertise. Founded in 1991, the federation focuses on two aspects: safety and the environment. In a society where the need for energy and digital access increases every year, the technologies used to manufacture cables must be carefully studied. To achieve the 2050 carbon neutrality targets, Europacable is committed to working on sustainable low carbon cable manufacturing, while maintaining performance.

Europacable provides professionals with documentation (newsletters, white papers ...) on various topics related to telecom cables and society's challenges.