Eline® OTB: for simple and discreet optical transitions

Published on Thursday, September 29, 2022

Telenco networks' design department has responded to the demand for a box that allows four splices to be made for the transition or repair of fibre optic cables. By designing the OTB Eline® optical transition box, Telenco networks provides telecom engineers and installers with the ideal solution to route or repair cables easily and discreetly.

A versatile box
for two distinct

With a capacity of up to 4 FO, the Eline® OTB allows splicing between the fibres of 2 optical drop cables. Thanks to the outlet at the back of the box, the entry point into the housing is invisible from the front. The transition from outside to inside is thus made discreetly, allowing a more aesthetic connection.

The Eline® optical transition box can also be used as a repair box between two external cables or as an extension. Its waterproof and impact resistant characteristics allow it to be installed with confidence on facades and poles.

Designed to be both
compact and spacious

The dimensions of the Eline® OTB (W 12cm x H 10cm x D 3cm) make it a discreet box that will fit perfectly on the facades of individual or collective housing. Its trapezoidal shape with rounded top corners harmoniously follows the cables stored inside and gives it a certain softness, which is more pleasant to the eye when installed on a facade or a post. This unique shape and size also makes the OTB easily distinguishable when installed near other enclosures.
The compactness of the Eline® OTB does not affect the size of the two separate, spacious storage areas available inside, which can handle long lengths of 900µm and 250µm and thus facilitate installation.

Easy, quick and intuitive installation

Installation of the Eline® Optical Transition Box is very simple. The BTO has two main mounting holes at the back and two additional holes for rework.
The design of the OTB also allows for discreet installation on the facade, under roof downspouts. Thanks to an optimised slide opening, the box can be installed within 2 centimetres of a cornice. .