Telenco networks, in the top 2% of companies with best RSE practices in the telecom sector

Published on Monday, April 12, 2021

Telenco networks obtains once again the Gold Medal from EcoVadis with a higher overall score than the past year. The designer and manufacturer of telecom solutions is now part of a select group of highly rated companies by EcoVadis in its business sector. The company also renewed its ISO 9001 certification, a quality standard that Telenco networks has been ensuring for 21 years.

A telecom expert committed to a continuous improvement of its CSR

ecovadis telenco networks 2021

Telenco networks' commitment to an ethical and responsible economic activity was recently rewarded with the Gold medal from EcoVadis. This recognition is all the more compelling as it comes from an independent international organization that rated Telenco networks' CSR policy, actions and results on 4 different themes and in relation with 21 issues defined by global CSR standards. The final result of this assessment is a combination of evidence and statements provided by the company and public information about Telenco networks.

Winning this third gold medal is partially due to the implementation of very concrete actions aiming to further reduce the company's ecological footprint. Thus, through formalized procedures, Telenco networks controls the management of waste, materials and chemicals. The company also sets up measures to cut off the energy consumption of its IT infrastructure and has a process for using renewable energy or purchasing "green" energy.

Telenco networks has also improved the working environment and the rights of its employees. The company monitors the well-being of its employees by conducting regular satisfaction surveys and promotes a better work-life balance through the implementation of a flexible work organization.

With regard to business ethics, Telenco networks ensures a responsible information management with, in particular, the implementation of measures for the data protection of the company’s third parties.

Telenco networks s’investit également dans l'amélioration de l’environnement de travail et les droits de ses collaborateur

The strengths of Telenco networks in CSR :


High-performance and energy-efficient infrastructures. The company transformed a former industrial wasteland into a new, energy-efficient building. Thanks to insulation work and to a particularly effective management of resources (energy, water,… Telenco networks is working on a daily basis to cut down its carbon footprint. The company brings its support to biodiversity by opening a beekeeping section.

Promoting alternative modes of transport. Power charging stations have been installed, allowing employees to use alternative means of transport. Throughout the year, eco-friendly initiatives and mobility challenges are organised.

Appeal for innovative technologies to reduce, recycle and reuse waste. Extremely attached to ecological issues, the company has set up a waste management procedure. Telenco networks also strives to design products enabling an easy recycling.


Concern for the health and safety of employees. Telenco networks’ employees have access to a flexible work organisation. In addition, individual protective equipment is provided to all concerned employees and an Emergency Preparedness Plan has been established for all employees.

Interest to invest in workplace wellness. Instruments contributing to a healthy working environment have been put in place, such as a career management procedure or training/awareness on diversity, anti-discrimination/harassement.

Official signatory of the United Nations Global Compact. For this reason, Telenco networks ensures that its principles are respected by all its employees worldwide. 


Business ethics. Telenco networks has its own ethics charter, signed by all its employees. Awareness training to prevent corruption is provided. Also, audits of corruption control procedures are carried out.

Advanced policies on ethical issues. Measures to protect stakeholder data from unauthorized access or disclosure have been taken. Also, a process has been set up to allow interested stakeholders to access their personal or confidential data.


Zero "conflict minerals" in Telenco networks products. As a voluntary signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and in line with the Dodd-Franck Act, Telenco networks refuses to use tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold in the manufacture of its products. These metals are subject to intense exploitation and trade that can lead to human right violations.

Strict supplier selection. Telenco networks conducts on-site assessments and audits of its suppliers to ensure that their environmental and social practices are consistent with its own values.

Telenco networks, a vouch of quality for more than two decades

For the 21st consecutive year, Telenco networks has obtained the ISO 9001 certification. This endorsement of the effectiveness of its QMS (Quality Management System) comes in a context of an increasing activity and, consequently, a booming of the company's workforce. That also proves that Telenco networks manages its growth while also ensuring the highest level of quality.

Indeed, if the company obtained its first ISO 9001 certification in 2000, when it counted only a dozen of contributors, today, with 300 employees around the world, Telenco networks is proud to be able to guarantee the same quality that has made its reputation.

Certification ISO 9001