DROPTIC® LM030HDPE: one of the smallest aerial drop cables on the market

Published on Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Telenco networks has developed a new optical drop cable: the DROPTIC® LM030HDPE. This new cable meets the demand for an outdoor aerial cable with up to four fibres, combining lightness and performance. The design office has designed and tested this drop cable, enabling overhead or underground FTTH connection.

LM030HDPE aerial cable: inspired by the Orange L1092 specification

In order to develop the LM030HDPE cable, Telenco networks' design office was inspired by the ADSS aerial drop cables, which are widely used in France. To achieve the smallest possible diameter, our designers sized a high density polyethylene (HDPE) sheath and sufficient aramid, inserted a micro-module that can accommodate 4 fibres to withstand overhead spans of up to 50 metres. Sealing ropes were also added to the structure. As a result, Telenco networks offers a small (3.3 mm), extremely light (8 kg per kilometre) cable that can be deployed over spans of up to 50 m and withstand continuous winds of 110 km/h.

Câble aérien LM030HDPE

What are the advantages of using LM030HDPE aerial cable?


LM030HDPE is one of the smallest drop cables on the market. With a diameter of 3.3 mm, it combines compactness and strength with low wind resistance. For underground installations, it can be deployed in occupied conduits.


Its low weight per kilometre (8 kg per kilometre) allows for packaging compatible with handling by field installers, and for a rapid customer connection on an outdoor deployment in any conditions.


Three mini watertight ropes ensure that water propagation inside the cable is stopped. This allows the cable to be used in manholes that are sometimes flooded.

A proven structure adapted to all types of environments

The DROPTIC® LM030HDPE drop cable structure has already proven itself in distribution network deployments thanks to the complementary nature of the FRP reinforcements embedded in the HDPE sheath and the aramid reinforcements. It can therefore be used over a temperature range of -40°C to +70°C without impacting on optical transmissions. With a tensile strength of 150 N and a diameter of 3.3 mm, it can be installed by pulling in underground conducts over several hundred metres or deployed over 50 metre spans. DROPTIC® LM030HDPE is compatible with several Telenco® anchor clamps. We strongly recommend the use of the 5/35 FTTH R.