NEW | Optical Distribution Point for 12 subscribers

Published on Thursday, July 22, 2021

Telenco networks makes available to Telcos and their subcontractors a new version of its Eline® Outdoor Optical Distribution Point: the ODP enabling to safely and rapidly connect 12 subscribers to ultrafast broadband networks.

A FTTP / FTTH connectivity solution meeting the needs of telecom installers

To support telecom incumbents, alternative ISP providers and their subcontractors in the roll-out of FTTP/FTTH networks in dense areas by meeting their needs for connectivity solutions, Telenco networks broadens its range of Optical Distribution Points. The designer and manufacturer of telecom solutions introduces a new ODP developed to enable 12 subscriber connections, twofold the capacity of its previous version. Thanks to this new Optical Distribution Point, telecom installers will be able to multiply by two the number of subscriber connections, while also reducing the amount of optical boxes to be installed. The ODP 12FO cuts back both CAPEX and OPEX.

Field effectiveness on the double with a single optical distribution box

For the development of this new Eline® Outdoor ODP, the design office of Telenco networks has increased the capacity of subscriber connections without making any compromise on the performance offered for the previous version of this optical distribution box. Like for the Eline® Outdoor ODP 6FO, the 12FO version meets high requirements in terms of:

Design & Ergonomics

These optical distribution boxes offer a compact, sleek and discreet design that minimises the visual impact and enhances in the same time the value of the installation on a pole or a facade. Eline® Outdoor ODPs also reserve numerous ergonomic features. A generously dimensioned cable coiling area, fibre management dedicated splice trays, an area foreseen for the drop cable slack management – are just some of the concrete solutions to the field challenges offered by the Eline® optical distribution boxes.

Easy to install and to use

Eline® Outdoor ODPs have been specifically developed to save precious time to field telecom technicians during installation or re-intervention jobs. These fibre optics connectivity solutions are designed with a system enabling the preparation of the distribution cable out of the box. This brings a greater freedom of movement to telecom installers who can perform the operation at their convenience, both at height or at the ground’s level. Morever, thanks to a digit identification system and to a colour standardised labelling system, subscriber connections are simple, quick and safe operations.

Securing the networks

Eline® Outdoor ODPs are secure optical connectivity solutions. These FO closures present a double locking system, as well as an additional lockable cover for the pre-connectorised version. The risk of vandalism is minimised and access is restricted to authorised persons only. Eline® ODPs allow the securing of the optical distribution cable due to a safe and reliable anchoring system, as well as the controlled clamping of the drop cables thanks to a patented device. Also, to insert the drop cables there is no need to remove any elements: this reduces intervention times and eliminates the risk of losing parts.

A wide range of Outdoor Optical Distribution Points

The new Eline® Outdoor ODP 12FO is part of a complete offer of telecom solutions for the subscribers’ connection to fibre optic networks. The Telenco networks catalogue includes, besides optical distribution boxes, complementary connectivity solutions such as Building Entry Points, Floor Distribution Boxes, Optical Telecommunications Outlets, optical transition boxes or fibre optic cabling systems.

Within the ODP product family, there are many versions of this fibre optic closure enabling to connect the telecom operator network to the subscriber’s network. Thus, the Eline® Outdoor ODP is available for two different capacities, two applications and two sizes. Each version of this Outdoor optical box is designed for a specific network configuration and a particular field application. To select the most suitable ODP for your FTTP/FTTH infrastructure, here is a table that summarizes the spread of the Eline® Outdoor ODP range:

complete range of outdoor optical boxes for connecting the operator's network to subscriber's network
Pre-terminated version For splicing version
Size 1: equipped with 2 splice trays
Size 2: equipped with 5 splice trays; in addition to customer connection, it enables the installation of an optical distribution network branch
Secure solution for customer connection Ergonomic operating area, suitable to interoperability
Easy to interchange optical connectors Independent and ergonomic cable coiling device
Optical connectors placed so to ease cleaning applications Digit identification system for drop cables