Telenco networks to showcase its FTTH/B solutions at Connected Germany

Published on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

With an extensive know-how in the design and manufacture of quality passive network equipment, Telenco networks commits at the side of German telecom operators and installers to building the ultrafast broadband networks of tomorrow. The company exhibits its FTTH/B solutions at the digital Connected Germany trade fair organised on 17 and 18 of November. On the occasion, Telenco networks' expert teams are at the disposal of telecom players from across the Rhine to exchange on the convergence of fibre optic networks.

Building tomorrow's Gigabit German society, today

In Germany, as in many countries throughout the world, the digital landscape is changing. The goal fixed by the German government to ensure Gigabit fibre optic coverage for all the Länder by 2025 makes perfect sense. Indeed, Germany has long benefited from a good telecommunications network built with copper cables and used later on to increase speeds up to 100Mbit/s by using vectoring technologies. Today, German telecom operators and installers are ready to move up a gear. In order to ensure ultrafast next generation networks, all the last mile access has to be reviewed so to replace the copper cables that link the street cabinets (Fibre Concetration Points) to customer homes or buildings by using suitable FTTH/B solutions. The challenge is to converge on the engineering rules to be respected during these fibre optic roll-outs, as well as on the technologies to be used.

Telenco networks ehibits its FTTH/B solutions for the future-proof fibre optic rollouts through Germany

FTTH/B solutions for connecting German customers

In this precise context and based on its extensive expertise in designing and manufacturing FTTH/B connectivity solutions, Telenco networks endeavours to meet at best the exact needs of German telecom players in terms of network equipment. Driven by more than 20 years of industrial experience and by international partnerships with telecom players from more than 50 countries, Telenco networks is able to provide an adapted offer of solutions for the roll-out of fibre optic access networks.
Etienne Pichon, Head of the Telenco networks office in Frankfurt, will be happy to exhibit Telenco networks' full FTTH offer on the occasion of Connected Germany trade fair. Together with Telenco networks' telecom experts, he will be answering to participants' questions and exchange on the technical issues of their deployment projects.

Telenco networks offers a full catalogue of connectivity systems for FTTH/B networks, designed to meet the needs of German telecom players

Reliable, scalable and worldwide tested connectivity solutions

Renowned as a quality reference in the international telecommunications market, Telenco networks has earned its reputation thanks to its own brands, namely: Eline® and Droptic®. The Eline® brand includes a wide range of FTTH connectivity solutions for indoor or outdoor applications. From Optical Distribution Points up to the Optical Telecommunications Outlet (OTO) installed at the subscriber’s premises, Telenco networks offers numerous optical distribution boxes, declined in versions for splicing or preconnected so to adapt to each working method onsite. In the Eline® offer, you will thus find Optical Distribution Points, Building Entry Points, Floor Distribution Boxes, optical transition boxes, as well as a wide range of optical telecommunications outlets.

Under the Droptic® brand, Telenco networks offers complete ranges of optical drop cables built with bend-insensitive G657A fibre, ideal for the roll-out of access networks. The Droptic® catalogue includes optical drop cables especially designed to reliably link between different optical distribution points. Depending on their construction, these drops can be used for outdoor applications: for the layout of overhead lines, installed into ducts or on facades, or for indoor applications: laid, glued or stapled alongside baseboards, door or window frames.

All Telenco networks’ solutions have proven their effectiveness throughout the time and in the most varied installation environments as they have been installed in more than 50 countries around the world.