Telenco UK presents its FTTP solutions at Connected Britain’ Digital Booth

Published on Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Telenco UK, Telenco networks' subsidiary in Great-Britain, will be participating at the first digital edition of Connected Britain, the UK’s leading connectivity event. From 23rd to 25th of September, Telenco networks’ telecom experts will exchange with digital visitors on British network landscape challenges. Via the Connected Britain’s website, the company will exhibit its FTTP solutions for overcoming the full-fibre broadband objectives announced by the Government.

Driven by the ambition to deliver the most appropriate, reliable and future-proof FTTP solutions for implementing full-fibre across the British territory, Telenco networks is happy to take part in this event gathering leading telecom players.

Telenco UK, an active player of tomorrow’s networks in UK

During 3 days, 250 representatives of key telecom organisations and public authorities in the United Kingdom will address topics such as Connected Society, Gigabit Britain, Smart Britain or Channel Britain. Through constructive debates, industry and political point persons will bring their ideas regarding the future of UK connectivity and more particularly how to reinvent the telecommunications infrastructure in the UK or which technology, strategy and investments for the next generation connectivity

Telenco networks showcases its FTTH/P solutions at the Connected Britain virtual event

Connected Britain will also be the occasion for Telenco networks and more specifically for its local subsidiary, Telenco UK, to exhibit its FTTP solutions, especially developed to meet the Openreach’s PIA (Physical Infrastructure Access) requirements. Digital visitors will also be able to exchange with our telecom experts by booking virtual meetings from Monday 21st to Friday 25th of September starting with 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Attendees can also stream Telenco networks' interventions on the following subjects:

  • “How can the regulatory landscape better support fibre and 5G rollouts ?”
  • “Duct and pole access: do we need a new approach to deliver full fibre by 2025?”

FTTP solutions designed for building Digital Britain

To support British telecom players in their fibre optic roll-out projects and thus, in achieving the objective of deliverying fast, reliable and secure broadband networks to millions of homes in the very near future, Telenco networks provides full last mile connectivity solutions. Indeed, thanks to close collaborations with British telecom players during the past 20 years, the company has developed product solutions meeting the precise needs of the British telecom market and enabling reliable connections from the pole’s top up to the customer’s premises.

Telenco networks designs and manufactures full last mile connectivity solutions. Worldwide renowned for its full ranges of pole line hardware marketed under the Telenco® brand, Telenco networks has put all its telecom expertise into developing future-proof network infrastructure cabling solutions for enriching its historical offer. Thus, the company markets under the Eline® brand fibre optic closures meeting all the connectivity needs of SDUs and MDUs configurations. From Optical Distribution Points mounted on telecom poles to Building Entry Boxes and Optical Telecommunications Outlets, Telenco networks ensures all the needed material for enabling reliable, fast and easy connections between the OLT (Optical Line Termination) and the end-user. The company also develops a comprehensive range of fibre optic drop cables for aerial, duct, indoor, outdoor or indoor-outdoor applications. To discover all the FTTP solutions developed by Telenco networks for the UK market, visit the Telenco UK’s digital booth.