Telenco networks introduces its new solution for outdoor FTTH networks: the PBO Eline® Outdoor

Published on Wednesday, December 9, 2020

PBO Eline® Outdoor

Telenco networks introduces the PBO Eline® Outdoor: an outdoor distribution box with a sleek and compact design for reliable, fast and future-proof FTTH connections.

The new PBO Eline® Outdoor has been designed by Telenco networks’ R&D engineers as a compact solution for the fiber optic distribution combining high demanding standards in terms of flexibility, exploitation, aesthetics and installation protection.

... offers great flexibility of use

The Eline® Outdoor Optical Distribution Point is compatible with any type of mounting support, walls of poles, and enables the connection of various drop cables such as Droptic® LM2, LM4 or LM3. Designed for modulo 6, this optical distribution box for outdoor applications is available in two different sizes. Developed to accommodate two secondary distribution cables, the size 2 of the PBO Eline® Outdoor enables in addition the installation of an optical network branch.

Optical Distribution Point Eline® Outdoor 6FO available in two different sizes

The pre-connectorised version gurantees simple, fast and reliable connections. On this version, the network compartment is completely protected by a screw-on cover. To enhance the flexibility of use, couplers are interchangeable. 

The splicing version offers an independent and ergonomic fibre slack storage compartment. Depending on the chosen size and the need to create a network branch, the distribution point PBO Eline® Outdoor is equipped with 2 or 5 splicing trays. an easy to use product solution

The PBO Eline® Outdoor features a removable tie-down system for the distribution cable. This allows cable preparation outside the distribution box, making thus the work of technicians more comfortable. This optical distribution box is also designed with clearly defined working areas so to ensure reliable installations. It offers a generously dimensioned fiber tube slack management compartment, as well as a dedicated compartment to the slack management of the indoor drop cable Droptic® LM1L. This optical distribution box also features a 900µ tube stop section in which "pass-through" devices ease the 900µ/250µ transitions. Fiber managment is performed thanks to splice trays dedicated to this effect. Identification sections are provided to increase efficiency on site and avoid all possible mishandlings.

Optical distribution closure secured with a triple locking system a fully secure and ergonomic optical distribution point

The PBO Eline® Outdoor is a completely safe solution. The access to the drop cables and fiber tubes is possible by activating a locking system. Two latches have to be removed before the top cover can be opened by using a triangular key. A spring-loaded push-button system holds the top cover in the opening position in order to alert technicians that the box should be locked at the end of their intervention. For the pre-connectorized version, the network management compartment is also protected by a screw-on cover. Inside the box, the waterproofing area is positioned after the cable tightening area in order to avoid any interference. Thanks to a patented device, inspired by the conical wedging system used in the design of Telenco® anchor clamps , the tightening of drop cables is fully controlled. This is possible all while avoiding the use of loose parts such as components that have to be removed in order to insert cables. Moreover, this system does not present any risk to the sheath or the optical performance of the cable in case of excessive tightening.

A FTTH connectivity solution as part of a global offer

The PBO Eline® Outdoor is part of a full range of fibre optic connectivity solutions including optical distribution boxes for indoor aplications such as BEP (Building Entry Point), FDB (Floor Distribution Box) and OTO (Optical Telecommunications Outlets). This offer is completed by a full range of outdoor, indoor and outdoor-indoor drop cables marketed under the Droptic® brand.