Telenco networks introduces new Ultra-compact, Flexible and Resistant Aerial Cable: the LX030PU

Published on Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Inspired by the most demanding and varied field issues, the LX030PU optical cable has been developed by Telenco networks' design engineers to combine performance with lightweight and flexibility. Thanks to its rigorously thought-out and tested construction, this drop cable enables a reliable, simple and fast installation of overhead telecom lines, even in the most challenging geographical areas.

Telenco networks outlines a new solution for the rollout of overhead fibre optic networks: the Droptic® LX030PU drop cable. Specifically developed for enabling the connection of SDUs in low density areas to the ultrafast broadband networks, the LX030PU cable is an effective technological solution to bridge the digital divide between territories.

The LX030PU aerial drop cable is a pure concentrate of know-how: this fibre optic cable meets the various challenges faced by telecom operators and their subcontractors, in France and at a worldwide scale. As a reliable FTTH/FTTP solution, the LX030PU cable has been developed to combine three key features:

Ultra-compact This aerial drop presents a 100% tight buffer construction. An adequate amount of reinforcement protects the optical fibre located at the core of the cable. Thanks to its specific structure, the LX030PU offers high mechanical properties and a very good tensile strength. Thus, despite its small diameter of 3 mm, the LX030PU aerial cable is a robust solution for the rollout of reliable and effective overhead networks.

Resistant The LX030PU offers an excellent wind stability. This aerial drop is fully compatible with installations in coastal areas or areas frequently exposed to wind. The LX030PU has been designed to withstand to permanent winds of up to 110km/h over a distance of 70m, which is the maximum recommended span for the rollout of this aerial cable. This drop also withstands to gusty winds of up to 160km/h.

Flexible Thanks to its polyurethane outer jacket, the LX030PU aerial FO cable is also a reliable solution for the deployment of optical networks in cold areas. This material offers an excellent flexibility at low temperatures, allowing technicians to handle the cable with the same ease, even when performing FTTH/ FTTP rollouts in extreme weather conditions.

An aerial optical cable suitable to all installation environments

Originally developed to meet the diverse requirements of FTTH network rollouts in Mexico, the LX030PU drop cable has also been optimised to be 100% compliant with the fibre deployment standards set by Openreach in the UK. Thus, the UK version of the LX030PU cable presents a special feature: in the event of a network incident implying that a tensile force above 1800N is applied to the cable, the LX030PU breaks immediately in order to prevent the poles from being torn off.

Like all the other FTTH solutions offered by Telenco networks, the LX030PU aerial cable has been developed to speed up and ease fibre optic rollouts, as well as to adapt to all field practices. This optical cable is compatible with Field Mountable Connectors and is also available in a factory pre-terminated version with the connector type selected by the customer. Moreover, as part of a complete FTTH solution, the LX030PU offers excellent adhesion and compatibility with the Mini-@ drop clamp, due to the high friction coefficient of its outer sheath.