Telenco networks exhibits its last mile access offer at FTTH Virtual Conference 2020

Published on Thursday, November 19, 2020

Industrial player committed to the development of fibre optic ultrafast broadband networks across Europe, Telenco networks joins in the online fair FTTH Virtual Conference 2020. On December 2nd and 3rd, the company will be showcasing its last mile access solutions including fibre optic distribution points and drop cables. Telenco networks’ experts will be available to exchange with European telecom players on their deployment projects.

Telenco networks participates in the FTTH Virtual Conference 2020, he continent’s largest fibre-related summit, organised by the FTTH Council Europe. The event brings together policy makers, business executives, innovators and investors from the telecommunications and digital communications sector. On the agenda, 19 expert workshops and 17 conference panel sessions.

During the 2 days of the event, will be discussed topics such as the evolution of the fibre optic market in Europe, the points of convergence between FTTH and 5G, the changing role and model of telecommunications in the digital age, as well as the ecological transition as a key issue for Europe.

Telenco networks presents its innovative FTTH/B solutions at FTTH Virtual Conference 2020

A telecom offer for developing full fibre optic networks

Organised in a digital format, this year’s edition of FTTH Conference will be the opportunity for Telenco networks to exhibit its FTTH solution ranges and to exchange with European telecom players on their deployment challenges. The Telenco networks’ experts are at the disposal of the attendees to support them in their roll-out projects and empower them thus to meet the objectives stipulated in the EU Electronic Communications Code (EECC). This directive asserts that the EU member states are expected to implement the following measure by December 21st 2020 : “widespread access to and take-up of very high capacity networks for all citizens of the Union and Union businesses”. However, this term is only possible for few of the EU member states. The code, which provides an updated regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services, promotes investment in full fibre optic networks. Thus, many European countries move up a gear in terms of roll-outs of FTTH networks on their territories so to provide connections of at least 100Mbps, particularly in rural areas.

FTTH solutions for bringing fibre to home from the pole’s top

To support the growing demands for bandwidth for European households and businesses, Telenco networks provides a full catalogue of FTTH solutions. From Optical Distribution Points to the customer’s optical outlet, the company designs, manufactures and markets under the Eline® brand fibre optic closures suitable for all network configurations. All Eline® product solutions are conceived to offer flexibility and scalability. Eline® solutions are available in a preconnectorised version and a variant for splicing applications. In their design, nothing is left to chance. Our engineers consider every single detail so to allow telecom operators to optimise their networks with compact, reliable and discreet products.

The Eline® offer of fibre optic closures brings appropriate answers to the field issues. For the development of the PBO Eline® Outdoor, the Telenco networks’ R&D office has figured out specific features with the aim of reducing at most the risk of network failure due to mishandlings.

To complete its telecom offer, Telenco networks also provides a wide range of drop cables under the Droptic® brand.These FTTH cabling solutions are built with different constructions so to adapt to outdoor, indoor and outdoor-indoor applications. Offering high optical performances, the Droptic® cables are used for connecting end-subscribers in dense or low-dense areas, living in SDUs or MDUs.

Telenco networks offers a full catalogue of drop cables for outside plant and indoor applications