EcoVadis Gold Certification: Telenco networks rewarded once again

Published on Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Telenco networks has just been awarded Gold certification by EcoVadis, the recognised body for evaluating companies' CSR initiatives. This Gold level certification once again rewards the Telenco Group company for its responsible actions in 2021. With the same score as last year (69/100), Telenco networks is in the top 5% of companies assessed in the "Cable and Cabling Device Manufacturing" category. This rating underlines the continuous efforts we have been making for several years, as well as the new actions we have taken to go even further in our CSR approach. EcoVadis has thus rewarded our desire to do better in four different areas: Environment, Social and Human Rights, Ethics and Responsible Purchasing.

Environment: an established and solid policy for several years

Telenco networks pays particular attention to the environment and its ecological impact. Through the Telenco Group's own Tel'Eco Charter, Telenco networks applies the principles previously established in the logic of its CSR approach on a daily basis. The EcoVadis certification also highlights the strong involvement of employees, who are committed to adopting the right eco-responsible actions on a daily basis. The installation of Tel'Eco advice trees in common areas also underlines the Telenco Group's desire to make its employees aware of the environmental cause.

In 2021, Telenco networks also carried out an energy audit, which enabled an initial assessment of energy consumption to be made. This study is a first step for the QSE-SD (Quality-Safety-Environment and Sustainable Development) department, which also intends to carry out a carbon assessment in 2022 in order to have a complete picture of its consumption.
2021 was also the year in which Telenco networks took a further step in its environmental approach. The company's head office is now 100% powered by renewable energy: this is also the case for all the Telenco Group's sites located in the French Alps. Ecodesign is also a subject that the Telenco networks teams have decided to pursue in greater depth since 2021. The company has started a LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) process for its products, which will eventually allow the environmental impacts of a product to be quantified. After analysis and comparison, Telenco networks will be able to create an action plan to be applied over the coming years.

Respecting and enforcing everyone's rights

Internally, Telenco networks relies on its elected members of the Employee Committee to be the spokesperson for each employee, in particular by denouncing behaviour that may be sexist or abusive thanks to the appointment of a discrimination/harassment referent within each Committee. The Employee Committees also have an important role to play in the introduction of social benefits. For example, for births, weddings and end-of-year celebrations, the Telenco networks Employee Committee awards donate vouchers to everyone. Telenco networks pays particular attention to the health of its employees and their working conditions. Since 2021 and in addition to the osteopathy sessions already offered since 2017 on the French Alps sites, Telenco networks has also offered a "podiatry diagnosis" to the logistics teams so that they can obtain an initial assessment and be monitored according to their situation.

Telenco pays for the first session. Actions are also implemented when the health of employees can be directly impacted: the company wanted to diagnose the level of dust in the pole band production units. Atmospheric samples were taken in order to determine whether corrective measures needed to be put in place quickly (which, in the end, was not the case). Telenco networks also renewed its commitment to the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

Ethics policy

In line with its ethical code of conduct, applied and signed by all Telenco Group employees, Telenco networks continues to carry out actions related to ethics. In particular, in 2021 the company carried out important work on the protection of employee and customer data with the implementation of an IT charter and a confidentiality policy. With regard to the RGPD, the IT department is continuing to work on the compliance of the various media. As part of its ISO9001 certification, Telenco networks has also put in place a document retention procedure.

COVID-19: the accelerator of local resourcing

Although conditions remain difficult, Telenco networks has taken advantage of the health situation since 2020. The company has reviewed its procurement policy to adopt a more responsible policy. COVID-19 has enabled Telenco networks to reduce the number of kilometres travelled in order to bring its sources of supply closer together geographically. We have increased the proportion of purchases made in the European zone, allowing them to be managed in a more responsible manner. In line with the continuous improvement of responsible purchasing, Telenco networks' teams are currently working on the creation of a CSR charter, to ensure that purchases from suppliers meet the given requirements.
The quality of selected suppliers is also assessed. Telenco networks' teams carry out audits at least twice a year directly at the suppliers' premises in order to know and control their quality level. After analysis, a "Flop 10" is drawn up: this is a list of 10 suppliers who do not meet the eligibility criteria previously defined by the Purchasing and Supply departments.

Telenco networks, a responsible industrial player

RoHS 2

Telenco networks ensures that the equipment it offers complies with the RoHS2 regulation, which guarantees the absence of sensitive substances in certain products.

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Dodd-Frank Act

Telenco networks' suppliers' products are carefully analysed to ensure the absence of the conflict metals listed in section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act.

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