Research & Development: Technicity and technology for tomorrow's telecom solutions

Expert teams are the greatest asset of Telenco. Thanks to a solid and proven experience in the telecommunications sector, our company’s R&D department masters the development of its products from the design phase up to the industrialization.

Our telecom expertise in the service of innovation

Innovation is enshrined in the DNA of Telenco. Thanks to its capacity to innovate, the company was able to remain competitive since its creation, on a market characterized by a fast and constant evolution. Nowadays, on this increasingly competitive market, Telenco affirms its leading position through a comprehensive and proven offer of telecom equipment for the roll-out of ultrafast broadband networks.

At Telenco, we capitalise on individual skills within our teams and encourage cross-functional projects in order to bring to the fore new collective abilities. Thanks to a close collaboration between departments and a pool of qualified and varied skills, Telenco networks is ready to build tomorrow's telecom networks in France

and abroad. Our teams reunite sharp knowledge in plastics, metallurgy, mechanics, optics, design and in many other strategic sciences. Relying on all their expertise, Telenco offers rigorous and bespoke solutions for your fibre optic and copper roll-out projects.

Solutions for reliable and durable ultrafast broadband networks

Telenco networks has built its reputation in France and abroad thanks to its own brands. Solutions offered under the brands Telenco®, Eline® or Droptic® have proven their efficiency by raising the field challenges. Thanks to an ingenious design and to a premium manufacturing process, these solutions are now acclaimed by major telecom operators and used for creating future networks. Designed to guarantee the reliability and durability of ultrafast broadband networks, products offered by Telenco networks are the result of an ongoing quest by our teams to reach excellence.


Products commercialized under the Telenco® brand have significantly contributed to the success of the Telenco group over the past two decades. Thanks to its relevant and highly technical solutions, the Telenco® brand immediately convinced major CPs who had no choice but to rebuild telecom networks damaged by the storm of 1999 in Western Europe. Since then, through this historical brand, Telenco networks offers rugged and dependable solutions for telecom networks deployed in France and abroad. From pole hardware to anchoring and suspension devices, all products marketed under the Telenco® brand are designed by our R&D team of experts to be easy to use and to suit to different network configurations.


The Eline® brand assembles all Telenco networks’ scalable solutions for FTTH roll-outs. To meet the needs of constantly evolving telecom networks of tomorrow, our teams develop Optical Telecommunications Outlets (OTO) and distribution boxes offering an optimized installation for fast and simple deployments. Suitable for fibre optic roll-out projects in recent or old dwellings, for MDUs or SDUs configurations, Eline® solutions are available in pre-terminated or bare versions, to adapt to all types of FTTH architecture choices.


Telenco networks offers a comprehensive range of drop cables under the Droptic® brand. Engineered to meet at best the requirements and the diversity of FTTH access network types, our Droptic® cables are used for indoor, outdoor or indoor-outdoor applications. Flexible and easy to use thanks to their pre-terminated construction, Droptic® optical cables are available with standards or hardened connectors.

A rigorous process for premium connectivity solutions

Before being designed, manufactured and marketed, each Telenco networks’ product must meet a certain number of criteria: it has to offer a genuine solution to the field issues, meet the telecom engineering rules and standards in force, offer enhanced ergonomics and an easy installation process, anticipate the expansion of telecom networks.
To develop new products or optimize the existing ranges, our engineers respect a strict process. Each design step requires the validation of strategic axis:

  • Step 1: Presentation of technical proposals by our engineers
  • Step 2: Product modelisation by the design office
  • Step 3: Production of 3D sketches
  • Step 4: Industrial prototyping
  • Step 5: Tests on pre-series, followed by industrialization process.

Telenco networks promotes the co-working and a cross-functional organization for all internal projects so to boost an environment conductive to innovation.

Leading-edge technology labs

To bring reliable solutions to the most demanding fibre optic or copper deployment projects, Telenco networks counts on a high-end equipment. Three in-house laboratories allow us to test the compliance and compatibility of our products with our customers’ equipment.

Optical Lab

To offer fibre optic solutions with optimal performances, Telenco networks invested into a climatic test chamber of 30 square meters. Thanks to this in-house installation, our teams conduct ingress protection tests in accordance with IEC 60529 / IP X5. Our Eline® optical boxes are, for example, submitted to these IP tests. To perform insertion loss or return loss tests, our experts have at their disposal :

  • interferometer
  • 4-Way Optical Power Meter
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
  • reflectometer
  • optical microscope.

Electrical Lab

Our experts test and verify all Telenco networks’ solutions for copper networks. To do so, they use the electric shock wave generator in order to validate the quality and performances of our copper connectors.

Mechanical Lab

To realise vibration and tensile strength tests, we rely on a cutting-edge technology:

  • 4 tensile test benches from 20 daN to 10 000 daN
  • 1 enclosure for tensile tests at low temperatures
  • 1 enclosure for tensile tests at high temperatures
  • 1 vibration bench: 2 spans, 80m long
  • 1 enclosure for IP ingress protection testing for optical boxes

Telenco networks relies on its network of partners to conduct various other tests for its product solutions.

Our products – the essence of our industrial know-how

Thanks to an industrial experience of over 20 years in the telecommunications field, Telenco networks’ R&D office is qualified enough to bring solutions for specific needs of fibre optic or copper network deployments in France and abroad.

By conducting rigorous studies, Telenco networks’ design office brings alternative engineering solutions to meet customers’ needs. Our experts systematically consider the installation environment and the operating conditions for each one of our offered solutions. Telenco networks’ products are, therefore, the essence of our industrial know-how.


By combining expertise with technological monitoring, our teams show responsiveness towards all network deployment project demands.