Industry: An European manufacturer in the service of telecom networks

Telenco networks stands out from the crowd on the telecom market thanks to its full FTTH ranges of innovative and quality solutions for the deployment of ultrafast broadband networks or the maintenance of copper lines. For that purpose, Telenco networks embraces an agile gestion of its supply chain and promotes the cooperation between distinct departments. This methodology enables the company to provide for quality equipment within the shortest possible delays. To complete its know-how, Telenco networks works side by side with its suppliers, selected according strict criteria of quality.

Telenco networks is an ISO 9001 company and continuously seeking quality

Telenco networks, an ISO 9001 certified company

Continuously seeking improvement, we care to provide customers with products that meet their expectations, tested and validated by our experts. Our ISO 9001 certification guarantees the efficiency of our QMS
Quality Management System). At Telenco networks, we strongly believe that the company’s development and competitivity are closely related to trust relations built with its different stakeholders. Also, we concentrate our efforts on:

  • The respect of our company’s values: professionalism and innovation, solidarity and sharing,
    commitment and responsibility.
  • Our customers’ satisfaction by meeting their requirements and by ensuring quality control for our products.


We develop our skills through regular training. This help us to keep on progressing and to anticipate the evolution of our product ranges. Thus, we make every effort to meet the new characteristics and requirements of our business.


We measure our customers’ satisfaction via surveys or through other indicators registered by our customers such as external audit reports, rating elements or customer correspondence. As a result of our analysis considering all these elements, we decide the action to implement so to reach improvement.


Data analysis during the quarterly reviews and the Management Review, as well as from internal audits allows us to define corrective and preventive actions. That enables a continuous improvement of the process. For the implementation of the determined actions, the responsibility of process managers is engaged.


The monitoring of our strategic suppliers is realized by a regular recording of their deliveries characteristics (respect of the deadline, number of non-compliance) and the results of audit reports. Based on all this information, an annual ranking is established and the level of control applied to each supplier is redefined accordingly.

We also ensure health preservation, the safety of our staff and properties by applying preventive procedures. We stand for the protection of the environment and its sustainability. For this reason, we care to reduce and control the impact of our activities by continuously improving our environmental performances.

Telenco networks brings CE marked solutions

The European regulation n°765/2008 of 9 July 2008 defines the general conditions of the CE marking for the European Union. To guarantee the quality of its products and the customers’ safety while using them, Telenco networks controls the compliance of materials used for the manufacture of its products before releasing them on the market. CE marking on a product guarantees its compliance with the defined requirements of the European Union, allowing it to freely circulate on the single market¹ . In France, the validity of the affixed CE marking is controlled by customs and suppression of fraud services (DGCCRF). A product on which a CE marking was affixed is subject to an Assessment and Verification of Constancy Performance (AVCP) and a Declaration of performance established by the European Commission. Any product not complying with the European Union’s requirements is systematically withdrawn from the market. Several regulations and directives, related to certain type of products, demand the CE marking:

1The single market includes European Union, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

CPR : Construction Products Regulation

The European regulation n°305/2011 of 9 March 2011 enforces the CE marking, along with a CE certificate of conformity to all construction products. Since 1st of July 2017, the harmonized European standard EN 50575 applies also to cables (copper and fibre optic). Energy, control and communication cables manufactured or imported on the single market must comply with this standard and therefore, have affixed the standardized CE marking. A cable presenting this CE marking certification guarantees that it will not propagate flames in case of a fire.

Therefore, making a cable choice is also a matter of protecting people and premises. By offering you certified and complying with standards in force cables, Telenco networks is also helping you guarantee responsible and secure constructions to your customers.

RoHS 2

The European directive n°2011/65 of 8th of June 2011, also known as « RoHS 2 », bans the use of certain substances in electric and electronic equipment on the single market. The compliance with this directive is certified by the CE marking along with its CE certificate of conformity.

Also, in order to offer you secure electric and electronic equipment, Telenco networks controls their compliance with the RoHS 2 regulation. In every material that we use, we search for the presence of sensitive substances in order to offer you only highly efficient and free from danger products.