Expertise : A recognised know-how in the telecommunications market

Telenco is a major player in the telecommunications field, registering a durable double-digit economic growth. The company’s success is driven by the dedication of its teams and by their sharp knowledge in fibre optic and copper network infrastructures.

As a key partner, Telenco supports its customers from idea to product design. Our teams share the ambition to support you durably for the development of rugged and reliable telecom. For this reason, we concentrate all our know-how in the product design of each one of our solutions.

With more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, our teams benefit of strong skills empowering us to meet the markets’ challenges. From mass production to bespoke solutions, Telenco guarantees the shortest possible delivery times to each one of its customers from all around the world.

Designing future-proof telecom solutions

Telenco benefits of an expert design office counting on an experience of over 20 years in creating equipment and connectivity solutions for reliable telecom networks. Our experts master a large number of technical fields such as plastics, metallurgy, mechanics, optics, prototyping or product design. Brought together, all these combined skills and know-how of our Research & Development team enable us to provide for 100% in-house developed solutions.

Our professionals from the engineering and design department work together for each product design or product enhancement project. This methodology encouraging exchanges and the confrontation of ideas promotes the emergence of innovation.

Thanks to top-notch technology equipment such as optical, electrical or mechanical laboratories, Telenco’ engineers and designers conduct numerous tests to offer the most efficient products possible. They also carefully verify the compliance of all our products with international standards in force.

Network equipment manufactured in our European production units

Telenco manufactures and assembles telecom solutions for the roll-out of ultrafast broadband networks in France and abroad in its own production units based in Moirans (French Alps) and Porto (Portugal). As a fabricator of connectivity and fastening solutions for fibre optic and copper telecom networks, the company aims for excellence in the management of its supply chain.

To ensure the fastest possible delivery times for small, mid-volume or mass orders, our teams perform with great responsiveness and agility in planning and production control. By implementing a flexible manufacturing system, represented under the form of modular assets, Telenco is able to adapt its production capacity to the needs of a constantly evolving market. 

Our production units ensure a premium manufacturing process, based on the same industrial methods. In France as in Portugal, we manufacture and assemble equipment for fibre optic and copper aerial networks in our own mechanical workshops. In our grey rooms and optical workshops we develop first-class solutions for FTTH networks. While our production unit in Portugal provides for large volumes, Telenco relies on its French Alps-based workshop, notably because of its proximity with the design office, to develop new solutions and process orders requiring shortest delivery times.


Telenco markets its solutions across the globe

The company generates more than 50% of its turnover abroad by exporting to over 70 countries. We build not only robust, reliable and effective solutions, internationally renowned and claimed, but also long lasting relations with our customers and stakeholders.

With a fine knowledge of telecom networks worldwide challenges, our commercial team offer specific solutions to adapt to each country’s telecom networks. Climate, geographical features and particular requirements are taken into consideration to bring the most appropriate solutions for building dependable FO and copper telecom networks.

Telenco networks benefits of a real export expertise, acquired by our logistics and commercial teams throughout years of shipping telecom solutions to the far corners of the world. The company has also a confirmed presence within the EU countries. As an approved exporter, Telenco networks outlines its competitiveness on the EU single market.

The efficiency of our teams efforts translate into concrete results. Last year, Telenco networks exported 2,000 tons of telecom material, which is 10% more than in 2017 and 20% more than in 2016. But the company goes further. In 2019 we are set to overpass our forecasts in terms of cable provided in France and abroad of 45,000 km : that is enough cable to connect Paris to Sydney three times.

Our industrial know-how at the heart of expert telecom organisations

As part of the Telenco Group, Telenco networks provides technical expertise to numerous French and international professional bodies. At a national level, our telecom experts are actively involved in:

  • CREDO – a think tank for the development of fibre optic. This community of experts brings together major industrial players developing fibre optic telecommunications infrastructures. When our teams adhered to this association, they took an ethical engagement of building the ultrafast broadband networks of tomorrow.

  • France Datacenter, an association that brings together major players in the field of datacenters in Europe. Relying on its members (datacenter designers, developers and operators), this organisation promotes the reflection on the digital industries' challenges. 

  • ARUFOG (Association for the Research and Uses of Fiber Optic Guide): our expert telecom teams actively contribute to defining a long-term strategy for the use of optical fiber. 

  • ARCEP (the Regulatory Authority for electronic communications, postal services and press distribution)

  • INFRANUM – a Federation which aims to defend, promote and support the interest of its adherents.


At an international scale, Telenco networks is a member of FTTH Council since 2010. The FTTH Council is the European reference in terms of organisation reuniting telecommunications industrial players. The organisation aims to enable an ubiquitous access throughout Europe to ultrafast broadband fibre networks, empowering thus a strong Digital Society.

Telenco networks is also one of the INCA UK members. This Independent Networks Co-operative Association brings together telecom players committed to the co-development of next generation networks via innovation throughout the United Kingdom’s territory. In a similar manner works also the German Broadband Association (BREKO) that Telenco networks joined lately so to contribute at the construction of very high speed fibre networks across Germany. Continuously seeking improvement, Telenco networks’ experts regularly hold conferences on telecom issues. This allows us to be also up to date with the latest technologies and practices and to delve deeper into subjects arisen from the field issues.