Our values

Ever since its creation in 1999, Telenco group is driven by a common purpose : the customer’s satisfaction. Men and women who form the company and work on a daily basis to provide our customers with an efficient, fast and suitable to their needs service. Each company expresses itself through its own values, but all direct their actions based on the following common values :

Professionalism and team spirit

The “customer culture” demands a lot of flexibility from our teams. Each project relies on the commitment of every team, while the success is often the result of a collective performance that combines implication with common skills.

Quality and innovation

In order to provide our customers with efficient solutions and services, the group has chosen to build relationships based on respect and trust with its partners. Our suppliers are chosen for the quality of the products and services, but also for their capacity to innovate.

Responsibility and commitment

Being a responsible company means listening to customers’ expectations and considering its partners fairly. It also means creating a work environment based on trust and diversity, showing respect for men and women who form Telenco teams.

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